July 6, 2021

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Splurges for a budget are similar to cheat meals for people on a healthy diet. You are trying to relieve the stress of budgeting with an occasional visit to your favourite store. Without proper control, you may lose the hard work of the past few days on an impulsive decision.

Therefore, you need a proper strategy for the splurges to avoid critical mistakes with the purchases. The budget alone for the splurge is not helpful because it is easy to convince yourself to spend more. Therefore, it is important to put a cap on spending with the right strategy for the occasional splurging.

Reasons Not to Avoid Splurges

You can avoid the occasional splurges to eliminate the risk of overspending. It may sound like a convenient solution to the problem, but you should avoid it. Splurges will help you relax your brain after rigorous budgeting and treat yourself with a reward.

You may lose the motivation and conviction to save money after continuous efforts for months. It is common because the stress of budgeting takes a toll on your mental health. Thus, it is important to treat yourself with occasional splurges and remain consistent with your efforts to achieve your financial goals.

Tips to Splurge without Breaking the Bank

Now that you understand the importance of splurging, finding an effective way to cheat spending is time. Following are some tips to help you manage the occasional splurge without the negative impact on the budget.

  1. Create a Plan

You may prefer spontaneous spending to increase the amount of dopamine after the checkout. However, it is not recommended as the decision might affect the budget and the purpose of the splurge. You need a detailed plan for the purchase to avoid the regret in future.

It is time to spend money on anything that the limited budget was not allowed. You should start with the affordability to find the list of items and activities. It makes no sense to spend the entire savings on new sneakers after going full splurging mode.

2. Create Rules

You should have a set of rules to avoid a mess of the situation while splurging. This includes the set budget, no use of credit cards, and the time interval for a splurge. You can also set some milestones such as repaying the high-interest liabilities with take a debt consolidation loan to celebrate with a treat.

3. Splurge Occasionally

People go overboard with their splurging practice only to lose the gains from budgeting. It is common for people to find excuses with their busy schedules to declare themselves worthy of a treat. It makes no sense if the achievement has zero impact on your income.

Moreover, you should avoid the splurges after small milestones, such as working late or learning a new skill. These achievements will not make the purchase affordable unless they affect your paycheque. Even then, you should wait for the increased income to reward yourself for the hard work.

4. Find Something Valuable

People miss the opportunities to spend money on something valuable while spending their money. The comfort may last a few days, but memories will stay with you for a lifetime. Thus, you should try to spend the money for a meaningful experience instead of a short-term luxury.

You can plan a short countryside trip with your partner to spend some quality time together. You can use your passion to decide the purchase with items that possess more value for yourself. It is okay to take instant loans for the unemployed to treat yourself with a gift if you are losing the morale.

5. Increase the Duration

As mentioned above, it is important to wait for the right occasion to reward yourself with a splurge. Some people lose control over the budget because of their unnecessary spending after every other week. You should limit the cheat days from your budget to a minimum.

If once a week or fortnight is not working, you should consider the longer durations. You should wait for a month or a few weeks to enjoy life outside the financial constraints. This way, you will have something to keep you motivated to save money for a longer duration.

6Splurge Alone

You should avoid a companion while trying to cheat the budget after a stressful month. Their opinion may influence your decision to spend money on an item that brings more value at a decent price. You will end up spending more because of their preferences and reasons to quit the budget.

You can take someone with you if they are mature enough to understand your financial condition. Discuss the budget with them and ask them to stop you from making financial mistakes.


To sum up, splurging is a helpful concept for people who feel exhausted after continuous budgeting. It will give you the motivation to remain consistent with your efforts to achieve your financial goals. Therefore, you should try the method while keeping the frequency and budget in control.

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