February 4, 2021

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You all have been managing your finances for years, but one of the significant reasons for having difficulty in managing your money is low self-esteem. Psychologists say that people with high self-esteem are always confident about their effort, and they plod along, while people with low self-esteem often make mistakes that take a toll on their finances.

Taking control over finances is not that easy. The rising cost of living and financial emergencies are partly to blame for the poor financial condition. You often ignore such factors and begin to slag yourself off. It is crucial to find out ways to improve your self-esteem to make financial improvements.

You can improve your self-worth only if you stop criticizing yourself. Here self-compassion comes in. It is a practice of being compassionate about yourself. It is a kind of optimism that enables you to stay insouciant even when your financial condition is not fine at all. Here are the tips to boost self-esteem to master your money.

Note down powerful affirmations.

You cannot feel motivated if you do not stay positive. It is paramount to have a positive attitude toward your current financial condition. If low self-esteem is the cause of holding you back from mastering your money, positive affirmations can boost your morale.

Do not say that you will be a millionaire, but tell yourself that you are overcoming tough financial times.  Write down some affirmations on paper and hang them on a wall, so you look at them when you get up every morning.

Here are some positive statements you should write to encourage yourself to manage money.

  • I can make more money.
  • I have enough money to make ends meet.
  • I can pay off debts.
  • I am improving my financial condition.

Make effort

Just reading statements every morning will not boost your self-esteem if you do not make an effort in that direction. If you want to improve your finances, you will have to make some effort to achieve that goal. For instance, if you have taken on multiple debts and are eating into your savings, you will have to figure out how you can repay it as early as possible.

Talk to your lender and ask them if they can put you on a different repayment plan. You may need to take out personal loans in Ireland to consolidate multiple bad credit loans, or you may need to make minimum repayments. You cannot make progress unless you do not make an effort to take control of your finances.

Challenge your negative voice

One of the significant reasons for having a negative mindset is listening to the negative voice inside your head. Your inner voice often tells you that you cannot get rid of debt; you cannot improve your financial condition; you cannot have ever enough money to make ends meet, and the like. It seems a bit complicated not to surrender to a negative voice.

As a result, you tend to feel like you cannot ever grow. If it happens with you, you should challenge your negative voice by reminding yourself about your past achievements. For instance, you could have built up the emergency corpus, or you could have paid off some of your debts.

If you think about your past achievements, it will help you shake off negative thoughts. Thinking about achievements is a great way to feel encouraged when you are feeling down.

Take advice

Sometimes you know the problem, but you do not know the solution. For example, you know that you cannot build an emergency cushion because you live from paycheque to paycheque, but you do not see what you can do to avoid taking on debt and save some money for a rainy day. Here comes the role of a financial consultant.

You should talk to a consultant and take feedback from them. Ask them how you can improve in your current financial position. You can take the help of your friends or family too who are expert to manage money. They can let you know some ways to improve your current financial situation.

Stop using numbers to define your real worth.

To boost your self-esteem, you will have to stop using your net worth to define your real worth. Although it is crucial to focus on numbers, it does not mean that you will feel like you are worthless. Instead, you should treat net worth as a starting point to bring improvement in your financial condition.

If numbers make you feel down, you should think about the financial achievements that you made recently. It can be anything like successfully making an emergency cushion or paying off 24-hour loans in Ireland.

You can quickly boost self-esteem to master your finances if you follow the tips mentioned above. Stop criticizing yourself and instead spur yourself on with your achievements.

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