March 25, 2021

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These are all widespread mistakes that you probably know, but I did not know them up until a few years ago. When I read them, I was amazed at how much difference fixing these mistakes made in my rooms. If you correct these mistakes, you are likely going to make your windows look more prominent.

If you are willing to lit your room and your ceiling to look ideally with a great height, you consider the look of curtain panels. Therefore, whatever suggestions I am about to make in this blog will help the aesthetic well-being of your interior space. Those are all positive things that are mentioned below:

Mistake number-1

Let us talk about curtain rods. The first mistake is hanging your curtain rod too low. You may already know that the height and width you hang your curtain can even change the overall look of the outcome of the curtain drapes.

Raising the curtain rod will elevate the eyes naturally up. It will make your windows look taller, different from the existing style, and look like you have higher ceilings. The standard rule of maintaining the heights of the rod can be drawn from the length you wish to apply for your curtain panels.

If your space already has a crown moulding so that you can hang it about 3/4th of an inch below the crown moulding if you want to go for even more effects.

Bear in mind that when you have plenty of space amidst the top of window frames and crown moulding. Therefore, you should use your own opinion and see what works best for you.

You can improve your mouldings by making orders from the local masons. You can manage its cost either by using your savings or asking for home improvement loans from direct lenders.

Mistake number-2

Another mistake is also related to the rod, and it becomes more precise when it comes to a narrow one. You have to make yourself sure that the rod and its size should have four to six inches broader than the window panels’ external frames. 

Ensure that you are not overwhelming your windows by hanging a too narrow rod. However, it is ideal if your curtains are open. They are going to be collected before the wall on one of the side of your window. Then just the edges of drapes are going to cover the edges of your windows.

This will allow absolutely when you have more oversized windows than you can do. If the rods of panels are too narrow and the drapes hung before the window. It blocks the light, and the window is going to look much smaller.

Mistake number 3

The other mistake is buying curtain panels. If the curtains are not wide enough that suit your windows, they will not look unique, and you can even face problem in opening or closing them. In short, instead of making it unique and luxurious, you spoil the beauty of the interiors.

For example, if you have a three-foot window, you will bring the panel five to eight feet in width. This will ensure the interiors of the space look widely at it and throw a good impression and good for the gatherings.

Mistake number 4

There is another mistake that is going for the curtain panels that are too short in length. Do not do this as short curtains do not look good. The interior designers usually suggest four kinds of curtain lengths, such as:

The Kiss– If you wish to make your curtains kiss the floor, it can be the most complicated task. You can ask for tailored or customised designs of it. You need to check the measurements and go for the maximum utilisation of the space where you install the panels.

If your curtain kisses the floor, then it means that you are with perfect planned curtains. You can also do this incorrect form by hanging the curtains with the help of rods.

The puddle– The puddle length is the most working module of hang curtains, and it is the most tedious that helps us clean them so far. To achieve puddle style, you need to add more inches, wisely from w to 4 inches of the panels to reach the floor.

The brake puddle- It is the relation between touching the floor-length alongside the puddle one. The panel does not require standing straight. It has to touch the floor, which is related to the floating method.

The float- If you do not wish that your curtains should touch the ground, you can choose the hanging one.

You can ask for more expertise in using relevant patterns for your interior curtains seeking personal loans in Ireland. You can use the borrowed amount to pay the expert.

Inference :

When we talk of interiors space, we come across the natural theme and aesthetic and designing appeal, which are windows. The windows look more elegant with curtains, therefore choosing the right type of curtains can help a lot in ameliorating the interiors.

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