July 19, 2021

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Immediate action is key to increased sales. When a user visits your online store, they would like to explore things, and if they like something, they would like to place an order.

However, you must have seen some users navigate across the website and then leave even if they are serious about your offerings? Why does that happen?

This is because your store does not have a sense of urgency. When people visit the online store to explore what new you have to offer, they think that they have all the time in the world and hence they do not mind putting off their decision.

This is when urgency comes in. It calls for immediate action. When users find that they have a limited time to place an order, they decide on an immediate purchase. If you want to increase your profits, you will have to create a sense of urgency in your website.

It is not a new concept. Every online store owner knows that they should leverage urgency to increase profits. “Get 40% off, offer valid until this weekend” is the best example of creating a sense of urgency that encourages visitors to buy your products as soon as possible.

However, most entrepreneurs do not know the right way they should use it.

Tips for creating urgency on your online store

  • You will have to play with words

Words play a very important role when it comes to creating urgency. Put yourself in your users’ shoes and brainstorm what will encourage you to buy your products. Emotion-driven words play a crucial role to create urgency.

For instance, you will be offering a lot of schemes to encourage your users to buy your products as soon as possible, but at the same time, you should be careful about the use of words. This is because they can only help your users take immediate action.

Phrases like last chance, hurry up and do not miss out encourage users to take action immediately. When you use these words, users will have a fear of missing out, and to avoid being late in buying what they need, they will immediately place an order.

  • Take advantage of holidays

You cannot provide offers to your users all the time because in that case they no longer fall into the category of urgency. You will have to figure out the time when you should offer such schemes, so as many users as possible pay attention to it and buy your products.

The best time to do is holiday season. Shopping season comes with a limited time period, which means people do not have enough time to make a decision. Whatever they want to do, they will have to do immediately. For instance, you can put your products on sale during Christmas season.

You can set the time from 25 December until 31 December. Since people have a one-week period, they will immediately jump to the offer. Deadlines are a great way to increase your sales. However, it is crucial to note that every store owner uses urgency during the holiday season.

 This is why it is essential to make this message viral before your competitors start. Otherwise, most of the people have already bought products from them.

Make sure that your message clearly tells the user that they have limited to decide whether they should buy your product or not. You should not consider

  • Evoke a sense of scarcity

Scarcity can also help your users buy the product immediately. This is a great way to encourage your users to make a decision as soon as possible. You should tell your users that they are not alone. Competition is high, and the demand for a certain product is very high.

If you do not make your users realise that the product is limited and the demand for that product is very high, they will likely postpone their decision of buying.

It means words and the period of creating urgency matters, but at the same time, the fact of scarcity also matters. This can prompt your users to buy a product immediately.

Some companies notify on the website the number of users browsing the same product. This is a strong motivator to get the desired action.

The bottom line

Urgency can increase your online sales, but you will have to think about the right way to get the output. You should focus on the language, timeframe, and time period when you want to create urgency.

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