August 6, 2020

by Addison Davies

Whenever we meet someone new, we ask them a few standard questions. It doesn’t matter whether that someone is 10 to 40; our questions are almost the same.

What is your name?

What do you do?

Where did you go to school?

Are these questions that you have asked a new person in your life? I am pretty sure you have.

Now, the first one is not something we can get awe-inspired by. however, the last two indeed are.

Would someone who told you that he is mechanical at an auto shop would have the same kind of impact as someone who told you he is a doctor or a lawyer?

Would someone who told you that he has studied at the community college have the same impact as someone who has acquired education from Oxford?

In both of these situations, there would be a drastic difference between the way these two people are perceived.

Whom do you think will impress you more?

While you decide that let us have a look at the core of these instrumental questions that are asked almost every time we meet someone new. And that core is education, it starts when we are born and continues till our last dying breath.

However, today I will be talking about university education, its expensive nature and then try and come to a conclusion.

Is Education Equivalent to Power?

People often say that knowledge is power; you must have heard it as well. The question is, do you believe it?

When we have knowledge, we can do almost anything in life.

Opening a salon business will become a piece of cake if you know how to chop the locks to perfection. That is knowledge.

Correcting a malfunction of your computer becomes as easy as ABC if you know how computers work. That is knowledge.

Working as an independent reporter becomes a walk in the park if you know how to report news and make it authentic and appealing to read. That is knowledge.

All of these examples of knowledge helping people establish their careers gives them the power to improve and develop. Would you object me, if I told you that the came from education?

A course in cosmetology;

A degree in computer engineering;

A diploma in journalism;

All of these give the learner enough knowledge and competency to gain as much power as he wants.

Is Education Worth the Price?

Education today is not economical by any means, and this is after acquiring a scholarship. If you cannot get that, you, my friend, would need a bucket load of money to pay the tuition fees.

Student loans in Ireland are immensely popular for this reason alone. They make a student proficient to bear the financial burden of his education that can easily cost anywhere between 10 grand Euros to 40 grand.

And the best part, the student does not have to worry about repayments until a year after his education is completed.

Yes, I know the financial burden is going to be too heavy on a 22-year-old barely out of college. There is a possibility that he may not be able to repay the loan, but is that possibility enough to deter your attempts at a brighter, more prosperous future?

You Decide!

For me, the answer is no, a loan would eventually be paid off, but I might not get an opportunity to make my future again.

Even if the initial period after the degree is quite rough and the expenses too much to bare;

Even if I have to jump some instalments and get a low credit score as a result;

Even if I find it difficult to get a stable income each month and need to get bad credit loans in Ireland;

I would happily do it twice over because despite today’s education is expensive, it provides the learner with the power and the means to make a name for himself. This is purely my perception, what is yours?

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