September 10, 2021

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To become parents, you need good financial stability. There is no doubt about this factor. This is because the high price rise put so many requirements in front of our lives. Among those requirements, one of the most important is financial stability.

Even before the birth of the child, would-be parents need to spend a good amount of money for medical check-ups and sometimes for preparing a room for the newborn.

Post-pregnancy, the expense becomes higher than before. The father needs to think about the future of his child and spends money to take very good care of her.

Although there is no question of uniform during the pre-school time, after your child becomes 7-6 years old, pre-school is no longer an ideal place for her.

Then you need to admit your child to a high school or primary school. Most of the parents require funds during this time which they can easily arrange by taking for small loans from the direct lenders of Ireland.

There is no doubt that when your child becomes 2 years or 3 years old, then you need to admit him to a pre-school. Although many parents avoid the extra expense of pre-school, they either rely on day-care or try to educate their children on their own.

However, if you are working parents and think pre-school is better than day-care, you can certainly admit him there.

Certainly, there are so many advantages of borrowing such loans as it helps to carry on several expenses of school-goers, especially for buying school uniforms.

Therefore, if you are struggling to pay school uniform expenses, you should borrow payday loans or any kind of small loan. However, before you borrow payday or any type of small loan, know about its features properly.

Features of small payday loans

Usually, such short term payday is available in Ireland. Therefore, if you are struggling for money and unable to purchase a school uniform, look for a direct lender without wasting time. This type of loan is easy to borrow, and within a very short period, you can drive out the burden from your shoulder.

i. Repayment option

In most cases, such short term loans offer you the facility to repay the entire loan amount in one shot. That means you may repay the entire borrowed amount in a single repayment. Even if you are unable to repay at a time, then do not worry as you can also pay it through monthly instalments.

ii. Eligibility

Usually, people who borrow such loans need not have a very good credit score. Therefore, even if you have a bad credit score and already have a huge outstanding loan amount, do not worry. You can still arrange for money to purchase the school uniform for your child.

iii. Tenure of payment

The lender will not give you a longer repayment period due to borrowing a small amount of loan. Generally, school uniforms are easily available within 260 to 350 Euro. Even if you need to buy a sweater or overcoat as per the school uniform loan, still you need only a couple of pounds extra. For this reason, you may not borrow more than 500 Euros.

Due to borrowing only 500 Euros, the lender can give the maximum of 12-18 months. There is no doubt that a short repayment period is one of the identical features of small loans.

iv. Special discount for purchasing school uniform

School uniforms are for children. Many direct lenders offer special discounts on the rate of interest as you are going to borrow for your child. Usually, the rate of interest lies between 9.6% – 12.5%.

Nevertheless, when you write the purpose of borrowing for buying school uniforms, the lender may offer you some extra discounts. As a result, the rate of interest may come down to 8%. In this way, you may save additional money on the interest rate.

v. Same day disbursement

If you worry that it will take a long time to disburse the loan, you are completely wrong. Generally, such short term loans will not take too much time to disburse. When it comes to buying school uniforms, the entire process will be completed within the same day.

Why should you borrow short term loans for buying school uniforms?

Perhaps the school you have selected may offer your child a free school uniform for only one time. But it will not fit for upcoming classes.

Sometimes, parents need to purchase uniforms even within the interval of a year. Being a family man, there are so many expenses to carry on.

In such a condition, without borrowing from taking student loans from the direct lenders of Ireland, there is no other option. You can apply for a loan on behalf of your child as he has not become an adult.

By borrowing a student loan on behalf of your child, you can easily drive out the problem of money. Therefore, you may buy school uniforms and send your child to school for acquiring knowledge.

Besides, we would like to advise that you should start saving the minimum amount of money throughout the year so that you can easily purchase a school uniform with it.

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