What Can Be The Loan Options If I Am Unemployed?

December 19, 2018

by Isabella Elmore

‘Unemployment in Ireland falls to a new post-crash low of 5.4%’
-The Irish Times

The headline above is recent and of course, ‘good’. It is not necessary that whenever you talk about unemployment, something negative is destined to come. Yes, there are challenges when you are in the ‘no job’ days and most of them are financial. But, the way outs are also available. Just like the employment rate is improving, the financial solutions are also becoming better in their approach. The new age of lending deserves credit for this positive change. A range of loans for unemployed is now available to the jobless people.


According to your circumstances, varied unemployment loans can be of use. Take a look below and see which one of them relates to you most.

Unemployed loans for bad credit

Bad credit is the first threat that you face as a jobless person. Due to the scarcity of funds, your payments and bills stay pending and soon it starts affecting the credit records. The credit reference agencies mark a bad credit on your financial records. In this critical time, it is not good to have a poor credit score because many employers check the credit history of the employees. This means you may miss a great career opportunity due to less-than-stellar credit performance. To help people come out of this traumatic situation, lenders offer specialized bad credit loans to the people with no job. These loans are customized with easy repayments. By making timely payment of installments, you can improve credit scores. There is no obligation for these loans, the rates are higher but personalized loans can make you bring the deal in your favor.

Unemployed loans with no guarantor

The smart lending market of Ireland is playing its role in making the economy equipped with financial security. With the everyday improvement in the employment rate, the loans make the unemployment days less stressful. The people are not jobless for a long. They, in fact, leave a job to look for a better opportunity and support the absence of regular income with unemployed loans. With complete focus on the recent financial status of the borrower, the lenders provide funds without obligations of the guarantor.

The recent decision of Brexit has its impact on a larger part of the world (the UK and Europe), then how can Ireland remain untouched. The restlessness reaches there too but some good things are there to experience.

Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures show total employment grew by 3 percent or 66,700 in year-on-year terms.  – Irishtimes.com

In the buzz of Good Friday Agreement, Ireland is destined to face many big changes geographically too. No doubt, this has an impact on employment opportunities. The relation between Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland and also the United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland leaves a great impact on geography, politics, economy and in turn on the employment opportunities.

Unsecured loans for unemployed

Just like you can borrow without the guarantor, the option to borrow without the collateral is also available. There is no need to risk any asset in the name of security. The procedures are simple as no big formality is there due to the absence of obligation.

It is important to note that none of the above loans carries obligations but that makes the interest rate high.  Be sure about your repayment capacity, as the installments can be a little heavy. One more thing is for your convenience, you can also take funds at your home. Some lenders provide cash loans for unemployed in Ireland. For that, you need to explore the market and find the best deal according to your financial circumstances.

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