December 31, 2020

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Hey girls, there is nothing more exciting than planning a solo trip where you can enjoy yourself and discover many new things alone. It gives you to spend quality time for yourself, and it is worth it. Solo trips have gained so much attention for a few years. But why to plan a trip with other nation when you can totally enjoy your solo trip to the UK. You have so many options to choose from, like England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The UK is considered a good start for planning a solo trip. It is imperative for you to feel safe, secure, and yet enjoy to your fullest.

Why choose the UK?

As you already know, the UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Great Britain consists of the first three and not Northern Ireland. The UK has its own rich culture and history. You will be up for a ride while visiting different countries in the UK. You can spend your time visiting the old castles, pubs, local restaurants, and various museums. You can join a group of other solo travellers and have fun with a group of people who want to find themselves through this trip.

The local language is English, so you won’t face any problem if you are travelling from another country. To avoid getting spammed, you must research a bit about every country you will visit to understand the local people. You must know the local prices as it is one of the easiest ways to scam a foreigner by making them pay double or even triple then what is priced.

How to get around in the UK?

The easiest and cheapest way is to travel through public transport. If you visit rural areas, you can hire a car daily to travel around. Do you know that you can travel across the countries by train? This way, you get the luxury and get to see the country while relaxing in your seat. But for a too long hour journey, you can book a flight. Sometimes it is cheaper to travel by flights than by train.

In Britain, long-distance buses are known as coaches, and National Express is the most famous and comfortable service provider. They cost less than trains. Another way to travel is through short ferries, especially when you travel to an island.

Travelling tips for a solo trip to the UK

You would be glad to know that the UK has a low crime rate and a comfortable place to travel. You should research British culture in advance to understand how people interact with each other. Generally, they don’t like interacting much with strangers but are very polite to people. On the other hand, Scottish people are more warm and welcoming.

Don’t feel offended if you are made fun of when you get mocked as they love mocking people they love and are very polite to people they don’t like. The irony, right? It is common for people to sign their messages or emails with an X. If you are already familiar with this then okay, but in Britain, everything is done on the left side. Driving, walking and standing. You must know the difference between British English and American English.

Also, it is common for British people to pay for drinks one by one through rounds. Scotland has its currency, and you can use local SIM cards to go around during your trip. It is a standard tip but does not take your drinks from strangers but only bartenders. Keep an eye on your stuff, and we would recommend you to travel with a cross-body bag to keep it safe.

Travel with a bag where you can lock your belongings. You would not want someone to rob you. Also, don’t carry too much cash around you. Keep an extra debit card with you in a bag in case you lose a regular one. Spend your money on staying at a right and safe place. You would not want to stay somewhere you don’t feel comfortable. Research about every place you want to visit while your trip by looking at reviews.

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Where to start?

Start with London and then you can go to Liverpool. You can also visit Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol, and Leeds. You can also visit the Lake District, Brighton, and York. In Scotland, you can visit Edinburgh, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Skye, Glasgow, Dunnottar Castle, and the Shetland Islands. In Wales, you can visit Conwy, Snowdonia National Park, Cardiff, Anglesey, and Pembrokeshire Coast. You can visit Galway, Dublin, Killarney or Cork in Northern Ireland.

We want you to have the best solo trip of your life. This guide will make sure that you travel safely and with equal fun. Always remember to research every place that you plan to visit during your trip. Good luck on your solo trip.

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