Personal loans are the most preferred funding sources, which are applied for a specific time period and are repaid through a regular monthly instalment. Also referred to as instalment loan, it helps to manipulate over the expenses that occurred on a regular or irregular basis. For example, borrowers can raise funds for filling the financial gap in their monthly budget, for renovating the home or for come equivalent to holiday expenses.

Biz Credit Lender presents unsecured personal loans within the small and medium category and secured personal loans for up to €50,000. Our specialised lending offers work best for you by formulating the online personal loans that match to your prevailing requirements, according to your overall budget and standard of living.

Are you curious to know what BENEFITS we are providing to our borrowers under the unsecured and secured personal loans? Continue to read here, and you will get an answer for your every query.

Title or Secured Personal Loans Unsecured Personal Loans
Borrow amount up to €50,000 Amount limit goes up to €25,000
Providing collateral like property, vehicle, or any other asset is mandatory. No collateral is required as the loan approval usually comes on the basis of income status.
Low-interest rates are assured with fixed and affordable monthly instalments. Interest rates will be nominal and flexible repayments are promised.
Secured loans are accessible for bad credit people too, but they must have a guarantor to take their responsibility. Unsecured loans for poor credit and very bad credit people are easily available and providing the guarantor is also not mandatory (however, income status is important)
The fees will be applicable but may vary according to the counties and city where borrowers are living. No extra charges are applicable, and borrowers just have to pay the interest charges and make repayments on time.


Providing you exactly what you expect from us is a big motivation for us. Similarly, we want to come equal to your financial aspirations and vouch for the best financial assistance that we can provide, and fortunately, we are up to the mark already. These are the benefits of our personal loans in Ireland online:

  • You don’t have to wait for too many hours to receive our loan quote. It will be done on the same day.
  • Our experienced financial experts will guide, you and thus there will be no space of any error during application.
  • Our personal loan deals are flexible in nature and will work efficiently for different people.
  • You have the chance of making an early repayment, and we will not charge anything, especially when you have applied for unsecured loans.
  • There is a provision of specially discounted interest rates during the festive season, particularly around Christmas.
  • Both the existing borrowers and first-time borrowers are eligible to avail crucial personal loan benefits.

What Factors Are Considered for Guaranteed Personal Loans?

Go through the explanation below to be familiar with the crucial factors that can pave the way for the guaranteed approval on personal loans:

How Much Debt Is Pending?

Before applying for the personal loans, you must have an idea of how much debt you still have to clear off. Make sure you apply when you have no other pending dues.

What Are your Financial Commitments?

Lenders, most of the time, consider your financial commitments before giving the final approval to your loan application. For example, if you are paying alimony, child support, etc., show the receipt to the lender.

What is Your Credit Score?

Most of the lenders will check your credit score in order to analyse your creditworthiness. However, Biz Credit Lender does follow no credit check policy, but still, it would be better if you know your actual credit score.

How much income are you earning?

When you have a bad credit score, and no guarantor is available, then your monthly income matters a lot. In fact, the lender takes its decision according to the earning that you are making.

What is your employment status?

Tell the lender whether you are working as the full-time employer or doing some part-time work. Remember, the loan amount will be decided accordingly, and it will vary if you are a self-employed person.

What assets have you possessed?

If you are applying for the secured personal loans, then we definitely would like to analyse what assets you are possessing and will you able to use that while sending your loan application.

What Do I Require to Apply for Personal Loans Online?

By looking at the above explanation, you would surely like to apply for our online personal loans in Ireland. And here, you have another benefit of applying through 5 simple steps, which are:

Whenever you feel trouble in meeting your personal ends, our personalised offers on personal loans will help you a lot. You do not need to go anywhere when you have the best lending offer here. Apply now...

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