Do you have a medical emergency? Is your car requiring an immediate repair? These small financial issues can disturb your mind badly where you are not in the condition of thinking too much. What you can do is to apply for quick loans that are extremely beneficial in borrowing a small sum and in a quick time.

Since our inception, we have been working hard to design such loan deals that not only solve the large financial issues of the Irish people but can also serve their small financial purposes. We knew that plenty of quick loans are already there, but we were determined to bring the best form of it where competitive APRs and flexi repayments bring peace of mind for you.


  • The easy online application process
  • No documentation or faxing
  • Instant approval and fund disbursal
  • Minimum obligations involved
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Painstaking paperwork is no more in the trends, as it has significantly been replaced with the fully-modernised online application system. Biz Credit Lender has been a pioneer in this and allows borrowers to avail quick funding access without indulging into too many formalities.

When a financial emergency pops up, it looks a never-ending process until and unless you have enough savings to utilise. Still, you cannot manipulate over the unexpected expenses and for them, these quick loans on same day basis in Ireland are indeed the best tool to avail. Here are the benefits that you become eligible for:

A few minutes of the application process

You have nothing to collect a number of papers to submit alongside your application. Just go online and start filling a simple and straightforward loan application form.

No Credit Assessment is there.

We are the modern-age lenders and follow flexible lending strategies. No credit check is a crucial part of this, and that brings a fruitful result for people with no or bad credit scores.

Special rates for first-time borrowers

We continuously bring out something fresh for our borrowers. For the first time borrowers, we have special interest rates to offer on quick loans.

More bespoke deals for the festive season

We owe the responsibility of giving you every reason to celebrate festivals. With Christmas is a few months away, we have already planned more personalised loan offers for your festive celebrations.


As a responsible online lender, we definitely understand that your bank account does not have enough funding strength, and that is why you are looking for the best offer on instant loans in Ireland. It is true that you will be tensed to get the funds on an immediate basis, but there is no need of being frightened with the circumstances.

The helping hand of QuickLoans is there to keep your cash flow going. Not only financial help, but also proper guidance is being given to the borrowers. Here, we are sharing some tips on who you can get the best instant loan deal without wasting too much time. These are:

  • Take out at least 1 hour from your busy schedule. Yes, you need to do an analysis of your finances in order to decide how much amount you need apart from the monthly salary. Use the online loan calculator and finalise your priorities.
  • Focus on the repayment part of the loan process. Choose a steady repayment plan that should not disturb your overall financial balance because any missing payment can cause badly to your credit scores.
  • Discuss well before with the lender about the interest rates and Annual Percentage Rates (APRs). It should be well under your financial capacity.

Your decision to borrow funds is very important, as it paves the way for financial stability. We are sure that you have the best chance to shop for the best deal than any other private lenders in Ireland.


You may wonder why only Biz Credit Lender for availing quick loans in Ireland? Well, we don’t deny your comparison between the lenders because we also suggest you to do the same before starting the application procedure. But one thing that really makes us different from other lenders is the ‘Loans for Everyone’. Indeed, our lending policies are far from any biased approach, as we are here for everyone’s financial purposes.

You are eligible for our quick loans even if you fall into these categories of prospective borrowers:

Picking the right lender is in your possession but one thing we definitely assure you that Biz Credit Lender is exactly the direct lender on whom you can trust easily. Apply now...


How quickly can I get quick loans?

As the name suggests, you can quick loans as immediately as all your documents are verified. It generally takes between 15 and 30 minutes to transfer the amount to your bank account after the verification. However, all documents should be completely accurate and in order.

How much amount can I borrow with quick loans?

Quick loans are short-term loans so that you can borrow up to £1,000. However, note that it does not guarantee that you will be able to borrow that much money because we will check your affordability. We cannot allow you to borrow money more than your affordability.

Can I apply for quick loans if I have a settled CCJ?

Yes, you can, provided you can pay off the money you are borrowing. Since you have a CCJ on your credit report, it means you have a very poor credit rating. As a result, you will end up paying money at a slightly higher interest rate.

Do I need a guarantor or collateral to get quick loans at low-interest rates?

Since quick loans are very short-term loans, we do not ask our borrowers to arrange collateral or guarantor if they have a bad credit rating. If you are seeking lower interest rates, we recommend you to improve your credit rating before applying for these loans.

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