Unsecured Student Loans for Your Bright Future

You may need money to pay your college tuition fees and membership fees of your college library. You may feel difficulty arranging funds for your education, but you can borrow money from an online lender to finance your education. Disabled and low-income people are also welcome, who are pursuing higher studies.

We provide unsecured student loans in Ireland despite your bad credit history. You will repay your loan only if you start to earn over a certain amount. The size of monthly repayments depends on the amount you earn, not what you owe.

We believe that education is the passport to the bright future, and hence, we make all possible efforts to lend money as many students as possible. Our student loans allow you to borrow from €1000 to €25000.

Features and Benefits

Here is what makes us stand out:

Features Benefits
You can take out these loans anytime throughout your studies. Student loans are extremely easy to avail, yet you are obliged to pay off. You begin to pay instalment only when you start earning money. However, as a responsible lender, we understand that you cannot throw your whole of the income at your debt repayment.
We do not charge prepayment fees if you pay your debt before the scheduled date. Biz Credit Lender allows you to avail exclusive offers on student loans. You will repay debt instalments after you start earning more than the threshold income. You will pay a fixed percentage of your income toward your debt.
Our financial guidance helps you choose bespoke loan offers. Our debt repayment policy is flexible, which enable you to pay your loan only when you are earning enough money. If you have stopped working due to many reasons or you are poorly paid, you do not need to make repayments of your debt.
You can apply for these loans even if your credit history is not fair as long as your academic performance has been excellent or your education will contribute to the country at a very large scale. Our exclusive offers also include accepting the repayment of the whole of the debt at a reduced rate of interest if you have enough money to pay back in a lump sum. You can get these loans at lower interest rates than the market rate if your creditworthiness is high. A lender will let you avail this facility only after evaluating your credit history.

Under some circumstances, we also accept loan applications from those students who have lost their jobs.

What do You Need to Do To Qualify for Student Loans?

Biz Credit Lender promises to be the true financial companion of the Irish Students. Thus, it does not put them on strict qualify conditions. Instead, they just need to have these:

  • Must be at least 18-years-old
  • The resident of Ireland
  • Must be pursuing a course from a recognised university
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How to apply for unsecured student loans:

The application procedure for applying for these loans is very simple and straightforward.

Do not let your financial instability hold you back from pursuing your course. Instead, apply for our personalised offers on student loans in Ireland and focus on your hassle-free academic career.

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